Monday, January 28, 2008

You may have heard that living a balanced life is a goal to strive for, a healthy and wise way to live. If you're a small business or web site owner, is living a balanced life even possible? Yes, it is. But not when you're starting a new business. Yes, but not when you're taking your business to a new level. Yes, but not when you're starting anything that will require a significant investment in your energy and time. Just what does this notion of a balanced life mean, anyway? Does it mean equal time for work and equal time for your personal life? I don't think so. When I'm living a balanced life, I feel centered, grounded, focused. Whatever I'm involved in just seems to flow. I may be spending a much higher percentage of time on my business for a specific period of time and still feel like my life is balanced. My commitments to family, friends, community, personal interests are very important; still, my Big Tits porn web business may take 80% of my time in some cycles with my personal life getting only 20% for a specific period of time. Being totally present, focused, centered in whatever I'm doing is a priority. That gives me balance.


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